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Osaki LK-219B Spa Capsule

by Osaki
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Original price $3,599
Original price $3,599
Original price $3,599
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Current price $3,099

  • Intuitive Controls
  • Spacious Design
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Steam Sauna
  • Dual Speakers
  • Removable Steam Generator
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  • Osaki LK-219 Spa Capsule

    The future of self care is here, Osaki’s new LK-219B Spa Capsule provides a range of health benefits all without being intrusive or obstructive. Heal and rejuvenate your skin with the sauna functions, improve your mental wellness with relaxing chromotherapy, and treat yourself to the luxury you deserve with this innovative leap in at-home spa care.

    Luxury Sauna

    Imagine yourself at a deluxe ski lodge somewhere high in the Rocky Mountains, feel the refreshing heat of the lodge’s sauna. Now imagine being able to take a piece of that experience home with you, the Osaki Spa Capsule allows you to do just that.

    Intuitive Controls

    Osaki’s top engineers have worked tirelessly to develop a sleek, intuitive experience at the heart of our Spa Capsule. With these easy to understand controls, you may quickly adjust your experience with the simple click of a button. Power your capsule, switch songs, change the volume, or activate steam & chromotherapy easily and efficiently.

    Convenient Access

    The Spa Capsule’s external steam generator allows you to position it anywhere in your house, without having to fret over water connections. Easy fill up your one gallon generator for up to 90 minutes of sauna enjoyment.

    Adjustable Seat

    To provide a comfortable and relaxing experience to all users, our adjustable seat allows you to increase your seat height up to six inches.

    Extendable Showerhead

    The Osaki Spa Capsule provides a variety of incredible benefits, these include aiding in anti-aging techniques, removing harmful toxins from the body, hydrating dry skin, and recovering the skin and muscles after strenuous workouts.

    Surround Sound Audio

    Every Spa Capsule comes complete with two surround sound speakers, connect your favorite music via USB for the ultimate relaxation experience.

    Spacious Design

    Even if you’re 6’6” the Osaki Spa Capsule has more than enough room to accommodate you. When closed, the Spa Capsule still provides nearly 35 inches of legroom, because you can never truly relax if you don’t have enough space.

    What's Included

    When you open your box, you’ll find the Spa Capsule itself, a one gallon steam generator, a removable foot massager, and two excess water basins.

    Doorway Size
    Product Name
    Osaki LK-219B Spa Capsule
    User Manual
    Power Supply
    AC 120V
    Steam Gen. Volume
    (W x L x H)
    26" x 55.5" x 47"
    26" x 61" x 63"