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Inada Robo

by Inada
Save $6,000.00 Save $6,000.00
Original price $12,999
Original price $12,999
Original price $12,999
Current price $6,999
Current price $6,999

  • AI Hybrid Mechanism
  • Unique Rhythm of Massage Movement
  • Facial Recognition
  • Noise Reduction Dome
  • HD Speaker
  • Flat Bed Reclining
  • Silent Massage
  • Automatic Shiatsu Points Detection
  • Five-finger Kneading Massage
  • Back and Heel Heating
Color: Ivory w/ Black
Delivery: Curbside Delivery - Free
Warranty: 3 Year(Parts/Labor) & 2 Year(Parts Only) - Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Don Y.
Love my chair

Well-designed and well-constructed!!

Ling J.
Great chair!

I am so happy with this chair because there is so many advanced features that I can customize. I thought the design looked little bit too much but it actually fits well with my interior!

I’m in a deep regret that I bought this one, instead of human touch

This robo thing is nothing of a massage chair. Right from the start, you cannot sit on the chair, because the calf massage and everything else that is moving stay in the locked in position. So you have to turn the display towards you, while you are standing in front of the chair, push the button 3 times, because the first push activates the screen, the second push activate the remote control and the third push activate the Home Screen for the operations. Then you can have access to the chair and sit on it. Regardless what massage program you chose, the heating feature and auto recover mode are preselected by default. In the middle of the summer your back will be burning on the leather seat. And after each massage (5 minutes by default and cannot be changed) the chair automatically shuts off and returns to the upright position. The seat massage is nonexistent. It’s only on the paper. It’s not an L - track system. Just a few air pads and that’s all there is about the seat massage. The legs massager can only be adjusted when a massage program is selected. In other words you can’t level it by the press of a button to adjust it manually just to setup a comfortable layback position for lounging. By its features and performance this chain is not greater than any Amazon sold massage seats for your home/office chair. Seating on it to lounge is not going to happen, because it doesn’t have any cushion/padding for a comfortable seat. Your back bones will shatter from discomfort. The cushion strip on the back is so thin, that you don’t even feel it.

Obviously you have to place this chair in the office or in the garage and get a quick 5 minutes of massage and leave the room immediately. As for lounging in front of your TV you have to get a real massage chair.

I truly regret deeply that I bought this chair. I won’t consider this brand anymore in the future, not for myself nor for anyone else. I sealed my own mistake that I had to gamble between this mediocre item and the Super Novo by Human Touch.

Kyle C.
Amazing Chair butttttt

The chair can do so much!!!!!! All the advanced features are so fun to play with. Only thing I have negative is sometimes I just want to sit down and get a quick massage and my Robo wants to give me the full treatment.

Masaru H.
Excellent chair with lots of customization

This chair will customize massage based on your body type. A real body scan.