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Do you have enough relaxation after a busy week? - Titan Chair

Do you have enough relaxation after a busy week?

How often do you take a relaxation time after a long busy week? Do you have your own relaxation style? Does it fully satisfy you? Currently, it is no doubt that modern life is very stressful which directly influences both physical and mental conditions. Due to the fast-moving life and busy working environment, modern people often forget how to relax only for themselves. Sometimes people spend their off-working times without any effective relaxation, and they still feel tired and stressful when they come back to work. If you don’t have time, more than 40 minutes, using massage chairs or portable massage products is another way to relax your body apart from the busy moments. 



Not having enough relaxation for ourselves may affect our body and mental conditions badly. It may cause and bring illness such as heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia, dullness of emotion, mental illness, dyspepsia, weak immune system and other serious illnesses. Before your physical or mental conditions turn to serious illnesses, let’s become familiar with a few recommendations of relaxation and start it from today! 

  • Take short exercise
  • People have different personalities and lifestyles, and they also have a different preference of diverse exercises to do. Some people like strong activities that make the body tired such as rock-climbing, swimming, strength training, biking and so on. Otherwise, some people prefer gentle exercises such as yoga, Pilates, ballets and other activities which help people calm down. 

    Managing time for a short exercise can effectively help modern people to be more energetic even in modern life. It means that taking short but steady exercise can maintain a healthier body and mind, also it reduces risk of emotional depression and protects from other illness risks due to the lack of relaxation. Stretching your body and tensioning unused muscles are more important than doing the actual exercise. Therefore, a massage chair is the simplest, easiest and most comfortable choice for relieving fatigue, and it also improves exercise performance. Make yourself be energetic with your own exercise! 

  • Take your own time
  • Being alone makes a person feel lonely and bored, but sometimes taking time for yourself leads to more progressive and effectiveness in self-development. In a busy life, people disremember what they want to do or need to do during their free time. Modern people are becoming used to being surrounded by other people and with a huge amount of work tasks which causes much stress, so they often may desire to be alone for only themselves. Additionally, if you love going to the spa or massage therapy, but you don’t have time to make a reservation or if the price of therapy is too much then try the portable massagers or massage chairs which will cost you less money. You will be more comfortable and feel much better for relaxation. Manage time for yourself and do whatever you want or need!

  • Take enjoyment time
  • How do you enjoy your time apart from the busy working environment?  People are not living for work as busy as non-stop marathoners. They may work hard to have their hobbies or other enjoyable activities. Some people love to read books, some of them love to travel or some of them spend most of their time with family or friends. It is significantly needed to spend time doing what you want to do or what you can’t do because of the hard work. One significant effect that the massage chair gives, is to reduce stress and help treat better emotions by increasing the level of serotonin in the brain. Having happy moments gives you smiles, and smiles deliver good influence on mental conditions. Be Happy and Smile!

  • Take enough sleep 
  • Good sleep brings you good conditions and refreshed moments. However, being busy makes a person stressed and it causes quality of sleep.  Low quality and length of sleep cause high blood pressure which can be related to heart diseases. Huge amounts of stress and lack of having relaxation impact both physical and psychological dependently. Therefore, some people take sleeping pills to be forced to sleep which may bring depression and emotional problems. Try other healthier and natural ways rather than taking a sleeping pill. For example, drink hot tea, warm milk, take a bath before you go to bed or sit on the massage chair which features heating on the lumbar area. Warm temperatures make your body feel calm and relaxed, then you will have an opportunity to fall asleep. Try not to use mobile phones, which prevents sleep and wakes the brain. Good sleep equals the best method of relaxation! 

    Keep Calm and Relax properly for yourself!

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