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Warranty FAQ

My Massage Chair did not come with a zipper tag?

Yes! That is correct. For many of our massage chairs there will not be a zipper tag attached to the zipper head. This is a safety feature that the manufacturer has included in the production of the chair to make sure that small children are not able to access the inner portion of the chair. You can easily move and adjust the zipper by placing a paperclip into the zipper head to move it around freely.

How do I check the fuse?

When your chair is not powering on, the first step is to check the fuse located on the back side of the chair. The fuse is what conducts the energy between the power source and the chair. Sometimes the fuse can be blown out, causing the chair to not power on. All chairs come with an extra replacement fuse located in your manual packet or attached to the inside of the fuse placement.

How do I install the footrest with the clips included?

All of our chairs will come with footrest clips that keep the footrest firmly attached to the base portion of the chair. You can find these clips either in the manual packet included or in your footrest box. These clips easily slide into place on the metal bracket bar between the footrest and base brackets of the chair. You can check out our standard footrest installation video here: See more >

My chair is showing error 68. What does that mean?

Error code 68 simply means that the footrest and the base portion of the chair are not properly connected to each other. For error code 68, you can easily check the connections by placing your chair into zero gravity mode and checking under the footrest. There should be 3 cables total. 2 cables are used for the power connection and 1 cable is used for the footrest air hose connection. You will want to make sure that all 3 of these cables are correctly connected to each other by aligning the white or indented dots on the cables. If you discover that one of the metal pins located inside the cables is broken, please contact our warranty department and we can assist in getting a replacement footrest shipped to you!