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Massage Chairs 101 - Titan Chair

Massage Chairs 101

From SL tracks to 4D Massage Mechanisms. Our Massage chairs offer variety of features including Heat Therapy, Automatic Footrests, and even Aroma Therapy.

Figuring out your must-have features is the difficult part. Here at Osaki, we believe in a relaxed, stress-free living, buying a massage chair shouldn't be stressful.

Starting with our most common question(s),

What is the difference between 2D,3D,4D?

  • 2D: Up and Down
  • 3D: Standard in/out/up/down
  • Advanced 3D: Compares to 4D Mechanism
  • 4D: Our most advanced mechanism, equipped with rollers that move at different speeds, motions, and increased intensity

What is the difference between L Track, SL Track, J Track?

  • The L Track will be our shortest track ranging from neck to glutes.
  • The SL Track will be our longest track to date to massage includes the S Track and L Track range. All the way down to your hamstrings.
  • The J Track is the L track with S track stretch capabilities, meaning a slightly longer massage track

What is Zero Gravity?

  • We offer up to (3) Zero Gravity modes.
  • Zero Gravity is proven to increase blood flow and help circulation. 2/3 stage(s) of Zero gravity will bring the chair further back for customer comfort and increase in circulation.

Should I upgrade delivery?

  • Yes, unless you can move (up to) 400lbs. Our Massage Chairs are high quality chairs which tend to weigh a lot more than one person can handle.
  • We offer Threshold ($79 fee) and White Glove ($250 fee). Our free shipping however is Curbside ($0).

What other features should I look for?

  • Space Saving Technology helps our chair fit in smaller areas. Place the massage chair only 2 inches from the wall
  • Heat Therapy: Lumbar / Calf Heating / Heated Rollers
  • Foot Rollers: Advanced Foot Rollers / Triple Action Rollers
  • Extendable v Automatic Footrest: Extendable, the customer must push their legs out to extend, can be uncomfortable. Would not recommend to tall customers.
  • Automatics is mechanical.

This may not answer all questions but our most common, if you need further assistance please feel free to email us or call us (888)-848-2630!


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