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Common Injuries From Golf Activity - Titan Chair

Common Injuries From Golf Activity

Common Injuries from Glof Activity

Golf is one of the most populous sport in the current world. An estimated population in the world is around 60 millions golfers. 23.8 million golfers are participate in golf, and of those 24% (5.8 million) are female and 76% (18 million) are male golfers in the United States ( Dylan, 2018). Golf is a gentle and well-mannered sport which helps golfer to improve concentration and mental machinery. It slightly helps golfers to do light exercise and stretching by swings, however excessive golfing may bring the most common injuries such as lower back, shoulders and wrist.



Back Pain Injuries from Golf Activity
Back pain occurs the most common injury at least once in golfer’s life for which you can also look for personal injury lawyer . The repetition movement of golf swing constantly puts strain on the back (Dr. Greg, 2014) , and the back pain will be worse and it will brings serious muscular pains on the back.


A rotator cuff injury is one of the common cause of shoulder pain when golfer wants to send the ball far away and makes a big and powerful swing (Mullen, 2008). . Especially, the drive swing puts lot of stresses on the rotator cuff, and generally the rotator cuff is not strong enough to hold powerful movement (Abboud, 2018).


Wrist Pain and Injury from Golf Swings

Wrist pain and injury occur from   overusing, excessive practices or play, or poor mechanics that person already has. They can be torn, creaky, or break their wrists and it possibly breaks away from deep roughness (Fitter Golfers, 2019).

Those are mainly injuries that the most golfers experience and suffer with, and they may became a serious trauma of your body. When you get injuries or muscle tensions due to golf activity, it is a significantly important to treat for those injuries. There are diverse treatments that you can do, such as medicine, rest, putting ice bag on, compression or having therapy to reduce pains. Having back, shoulder or wrist massage helps golfer to reduce tensions and pains, and also helps not to transform to the serious traumas.


Visiting the doctor or therapist is not compulsory and not easy for treatment regularly, however you need regular compressions, massage treatment and light stretching for recovering your injuries. Therefore, massage chair also consists those three treatments in auto massage programs which helps you to rehabilitate injuries with the most comfortable and smooth massage techniques. High technological 2D, 3D or 4D rollers massage and release muscle tensions of your back with heating pads, and airbags smoothly compress from shoulders to the wrists with different levels of intensity and compression.


Titan & Osaki Chair offers a solution that helps to treat your injuries from golf activity with diverse types of massage chair and different levels of mechanisms. You can enjoy the most luxurious and comfortable therapy at home or wherever else your best comfort place. Massage chairs from Titan & Osaki Chair definitely fulfill your full of satisfaction for home-style rehabilitation injuries from golf activity.






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