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OS-Pro 4D DuoMax

by Osaki
Save $2,000.00 Save $2,000.00
Original price $14,999
Original price $14,999
Original price $14,999
Current price $12,999
Current price $12,999

  • Intelligent HealthPro
  • Duo Mech™ 4D+3D Mechanism
  • 8 Roller-Track Massage
  • 2 Heating Cores
  • SL Flex Track
  • Smart Voice Control
  • Body Heat Therapy
  • 36 Air Cell Full Body Compression
  • 20 Auto Programs & 11 Massage Styles
  • Automatic Extendable Footrest
  • Wireless Charging
Color: Brown
Delivery: Curbside - Free
Warranty: 5 Year(3 Years Full Service & Additional 2 Years Parts)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best chair

Went to an OTA store, this was #1 option for sure. You can't beat the 2 strong massage hands that this provides.

Unique Massage - Great Experience

I've had my chair for a few months now and I give high scores for this chair. I had a Inada that finally a chair from Titan that finally gave out. We like our previous purchase so we decided to come back to Titan. They recommended the Duomax and they were spot on with the description of the chair and what the chair can do. I called to get the details and they were very patient explaining the features. The massage is the best part of the chair. The tech has definitely come a long way since my last one. The butt massage takes a little getting use to but it really does loosen the glutes and hamstrings. Very good chair.

Symphony of Serenity: Unveiling the Dual Mechanism Massage Chair's Blissful Experience

I recently invested in the DuoMax massage chair, and it has completely transformed my relaxation routine. This innovative chair boasts not one but two powerful mechanisms that work in tandem to deliver an unparalleled massage experience.

What sets this massage chair apart is its dual functionality, offering a diverse range of massage techniques simultaneously. The combination of rolling and kneading motions creates a dynamic and immersive sensation that targets muscle tension with precision. Whether I'm seeking a gentle, soothing massage or a more invigorating therapy session, this chair adapts to my needs seamlessly.

The dual mechanisms work in harmony to provide a full-body massage that feels incredibly lifelike. The rollers move along the contours of my back, mimicking the skilled hands of a professional masseuse. The kneading action complements the rolling, effectively easing knots and promoting relaxation.

One standout feature is the customizable intensity levels for each mechanism. I can adjust the strength of the rolling and kneading independently, allowing for a tailor-made massage experience. This level of customization ensures that the chair caters to individual preferences, making it suitable for anyone in the household.

The chair's ergonomic design enhances the overall comfort, and the strategically placed airbags provide additional support to key areas such as the shoulders, arms, and legs. The air compression, combined with the dual mechanisms, creates a sensation that is both therapeutic and indulgent.

Navigating through the chair's settings is a breeze with the user-friendly control panel. It offers a variety of preset programs, each designed to address specific needs such as stress relief, muscle recovery, or overall relaxation. The inclusion of a heat therapy option adds an extra layer of comfort, melting away tension and promoting a sense of tranquility.

In conclusion, the dual mechanism massage chair has become an indispensable part of my self-care routine. Its innovative design, customizable features, and dual-action capabilities make it a standout choice for those seeking a truly immersive and rejuvenating massage experience. If you're looking to elevate your relaxation game, this chair is a must-have that brings double the bliss to your well-being journey.

Exceptional Comfort and Customization

"Having owned the Titan Chair OS-Pro 4D DuoMax for over two months now, I feel well-positioned to provide a comprehensive review.

Customization: The highlight of this chair is its customizable massage settings. The 4D DuoMax technology allows me to adjust the depth and intensity of the massage to match my exact preferences, which is fantastic.

Massage Techniques and Coverage: The range of techniques, from Shiatsu to Swedish, ensures a varied massage experience. The chair's coverage is extensive, reaching areas that other chairs typically miss, like the upper neck and lower thighs.

Build and Comfort: The quality of materials and construction is top-notch. The chair feels sturdy and well-made. The padding is neither too soft nor too firm, striking the perfect balance for comfort.

Ease of Use: The control panel is user-friendly, and I was able to get the hang of it quickly. The addition of voice control is a welcome feature, adding to the convenience.

Aesthetic Appeal: Its elegant design blends in well with my home decor. It doesn't look out of place in a living room setting, which is a big plus.

Heat Functionality: The heating function is subtle yet effective, providing an extra layer of relaxation during massages.

Price Point: While this chair is on the pricier side, the level of comfort and customization it offers makes it a worthwhile investment, especially for those with chronic muscle tension.

Overall Impression: The Titan Chair OS-Pro 4D DuoMax is an exceptional massage chair that offers a luxurious and personalized massage experience. It's well-suited for anyone who values comfort and customization in their relaxation routine."