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Titan Pro Cascade 3D

by Titan
Save $1,300.00 Save $1,300.00
Original price $3,499
Original price $3,499
Original price $3,499
Current price $2,199
Current price $2,199

  • Intelligent Voice Control
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • 3D Massage Mechanism
  • SL-Track
  • Computerized Body Scanning
  • 30 Air Cell Full Body Compression
  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity
  • 6 Auto Programs & 11 Massage Styles
  • Lumbar & Calf Infrared Heating
  • Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers
  • Shortcut Panel
  • Specialized Foot Massage
  • Extendable Footrest
Color: Black
Delivery: Curbside Delivery - Free
Warranty: 1 Year(Part/Labor) 2&3 Year(Parts Only) - Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Good massage, poor user interface.

The Titan Cascade massage chair is a decent option for those looking for a massage chair. The build quality is good, and the massage programs are satisfactory. There are plenty of programs to choose from, and also a manual mode, that let's you control where and how you want to be massaged. This however comes at a price: The poor user interface on the remote control (see below).

I like the form factor and looks. It is also narrow enough to get through my bedroom door. For a smaller person like me (5'6", 140 lbs) this chair fits like a glove. Large people might find it too tight. The voice control is ok. I can say "Relax massage" and the program kicks in. I had hoped for commands like "up a little", "stronger", "raise feet", but that's not available.
I attribute the poor voice integration to translation issues with the Chinese manufacturer. This is also an issue with the manual, which is translated and organized poorly, and nearly useless.

There are also some software issues that may cause frustration. After a timed program ends, the chair remains in the zero gravity position, and the remote screen goes blank, making it unresponsive except for the power button. This can be confusing and frustrating, as you have to reset the chair to use it again.

Another issue is the intensity level, which only goes from medium to very intense, making it impossible to have a gentle massage. This may be painful for some users, and it would be great if the chair had more adjustable intensity levels.
The airbags are also strong, especially at the feet, making it uncomfortable for some users. For me this works, as I like a strong massage that loosens my trigger points.

The remote control user experience could also be improved, as it requires a lot of clicking around, and sometimes you have to go back to the top menu and navigate back down again.

Overall, the Titan Cascade massage chair is a good option, but it does have some room for improvement in terms of software and adjustability.