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Osaki OS-Escape 4D

by Osaki
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Original price $8,999
Original price $8,999
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Current price $3,499

  • 4D Massage Mechanism
  • Space Capsule Cover
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Chromo-Therapy Lighting
  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity
  • Full Body Air Compression Massage
  • Oscillating Seat
  • Ergonomic S-Track
  • S-Track
  • Lumbar and Calf Heating
  • Automatic Extendable Footrest
Color: Black
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Warranty: 1 Year (Parts/Labor) 2&3 Year (Parts Only) - Free
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    Osaki OS-Pro 4D Escape Massage Chair
    Speciality Massage

    Activate the Aroma cartridge and heighten your state of relaxation, combining the 4D massage, rollers and air cell compression therapy. The Aroma capsule is inserted on the outer portion of the shoulder massager by the speakers. Take time and bring balance back to your mind and body. The Osaki OS-Escape is your private get-a-way.

    Chromo-therapy lightning

    Position yourself in Zero Gravity, slide forward the dome and initiate the chromo-therapy function on the interior of the dome, offering a soothing calming blue light to enhance your experience and heightening your sense of relaxation.

    Space Capsule Cover

    Space Capsule Cover
    Zero Gravity Position

    1. USB Port
    USB Charging Port, which can charge smart devices.
    2. Link Up & Lying Button
    The backrest frame rises slowly, while the calf frame slowly descends. Slowly raise the backrest frame, while the calf frame slowly rises.
    3. Power Button
    Turning the massage chair on or off.
    4. Heating Button
    Turning the heat function on or off.
    5. Aroma Button
    Turns the incense Theraphy function on or off.
    6. Chromo-therapy Button
    Turns on or off the LED lights inside the dome.
    7. Zero Gravity Button
    Turns the incense Theraphy function on or off.
    8. Auto Mode Button
    Changes the preset massage Auto program.
    9. Air Pressure Button
    Air pressure mode selection.
    10. Calf Stretch & Shortening Button
    Manually adjusts the footrest to slowly extend out, and release to stop.

    4D Massage

    4D Massage

    The next generation of 4D massage rollers are designed for outstanding range and flexibility mapping the curvature of the back with precision. The 4D technology allows the user to control the length of rollers that extend out from the backrest.

    Zero Gravity Position

    The Zero gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort. The 2 stage zero-gravity system, means that you can select from 2 different recline angles that desires.

    Specialized Full Body Massage

    Massage Functions

    1. Shoulder Airbag
    2. Arm Airbag
    3. Oscillating Seat & Airbag
    4. Calf & Foot Airbag
    5. Foot Massage
    Heating on lumbar and calf

    The OS-Escape has heating pads located on the Lumbar area and Calves which enhances the effect of the massage by loosing the muscles.

    Ergonomic S-Track


    The S-track system allows the roller heads to massage along the back from the neck down to the lower spine with a consistent pressure in the massage, whiles providing comfortable support. The typical massage track are linear, creating an inconsistency in pressure. The S-Track contours the curvature of the back allowing for a more even distribution of pressure.

    Auto Extendable Closed Footrest

    Auto Extendable Footrest

    Osaki Escape has an automatic extending footrest shich can be extended up to 8 Inches. The extending footrest is automatically adjusted by using the remote and closed footrest is equipped with toe and footrollers.

    Smart Technology

    Smart Technology


    Osaki OS-Escape 4D Dimension Upright
    Osaki OS-Escape 4D Dimension Reclined
    Product Name
    Osaki OS-Escape 4D
    User Manual
    Power Supply
    AC 110V
    Rate Frequency
    Rate Power Consumption
    (W x L x H)
    32.5” x 59" x 54.5"
    32.5” x 72” x 35”
    Box Dimensions
    (W x L x H)
    28.3" x 13.8" x 51.6"
    22.8" x 21.2" x 22.8"


    59" x 32.6" x 38"