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Our 2022 Customer Favorites - Titan Chair

Our 2022 Customer Favorites offers 40+ massage chairs online, finding a chair is not an issue but finding THE chair is. With the holiday season right around the corner, 2022 is coming to a close, Our team curated a list of 3 of our best sellers backed by customer reviews. 

Starting off....

Icon II $2999 ($7999

Our Otamic 3D Icon II is already an Icon with its 3D Massage Mechanism, SL Track and featured upgrades like Lumbar and Calf Heating. The Icon is currently on promotion offering $5000 OFF. The Icon II offers 3 different colors with 12 automatic massage programs and 8 manual massage styles to offer our customers a wide range of massage styles. Never need to go to a masseuses' again with the Icon 2, it’s truly Iconic.

Eun H. “My son purchased this chair for me, and now I don’t need to go see my massage therapist. Great chair love it”

Maestro LE $10999

Our Maestro LE is our most advanced chair to date with its newly designed massage mechanism for a smooth, effective and realistic massage skill. Ditch the masseuses' and stay at home with our Maestro LE listed for 10,999 with free 5 year extended warranty. Call us (888)848-2630 for more information.

Samuel C. “I have tried many massage chairs, but I think it is the best product for its function and comfort”

Otamic LE $4499

Ending the 2022 year with our most sold chair, the Otamic LE. With the Otamic LEs’ 3D SL Track Massage Mechanism and advanced features like deep calf leading, lumbar AND foot heating, and 2 Stages of Zero Gravity, you can understand why customers love this chair. Enjoy all the benefits in budget with the Otamic LE. 

Ramin R “Amazing chair, it gives the best massages”

After reviewing our 2022 customer favorites, all three options vary between features but luckily with and it's wide range of options we can help find your perfect chair today so you can live a pain free life like Ramin R, Samuel C, Eun H, and all of our thousands of happy relaxed customers. 


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