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BRAND NEW 2023 Massage Chairs YOU NEED, and why you need them - Titan Chair

BRAND NEW 2023 Massage Chairs YOU NEED, and why you need them

Finding the perfect massage chair can be stressful in itself, providing a helpful sales guides is why we are here! 2023 is kicking off strong with Massage Chair advances like the Highpointes (one of a kind deep tissue massage, our personal favorite) and models (like the X-Rest and Master) that have one of a kind built-in shoulder massagers.

Here's a breakdown of our newest chairs including our most favored features on each model:
Starting from $1,999

  • Luna 3D 
    • Why the Luna 3D?
      • What makes this different than other 3D massage chairs?
        • It's compact size makes it easy to fit in small spaces
        • 24.25" x 43.5" x 39.5" 
      • 3D Massage Mechanism for a more advanced massage, this usually means a more intense massage because the mechanism can reach further out rather than 2D which can only move up and down.
      • SL-Track, Full Body Airbag Massage, Calf Kneading for a full body massage.  SL-Track is our longest track to date massaging from your neck to your hamstrings.

  • Titan TP-Epic 4D
    • Why the Epic 4D?
      • What makes this different from other 4D Massage Chairs?
        • It's easy to use touchscreen allows a fully customized massage but the 8.5 inch ultra long foot extension has to be the best especially for this price range.
        • Fits up to 6'4". Perfect for the tall people in your life.
      • 4D Massage Mechanism is our most recommended and loved mechanism by all our customers. 
      • The SL-Track, Calf and Foot Rollers, 36 Air Cell Full Body compression and an Attentive Body Scan ensures every inch of your body is getting the best massage possible.

  • Osaki Highpointe
    • Why the 4D Highpointe?
      • What makes this different from other 4D Massage Chairs?
        • It's complete 3 Roller Foot Massage is the best foot massage to date, combined with it's one-of-a-kind deep tissue massage mechanism makes this chair the company favorite.
        • It's Ultra Long 8 inch foot extension makes it the longest to our 2023 collection fitting users up to 6'6.
        • 6 Heating Zones to loosen up tight muscles while laying back in 2 stages of zero gravity and 16 auto programs or 6 manual massage styles
      • Why the 4D Master?
        • What makes this different from other 4D Massage Chairs?
          • The Muscle Tension Detector is a reading system that scans your whole body to detect where muscle tensions/knots are to offer the best massage for your body.
        • 4D+ Massage Mechanism is our most advanced mechanism to date with shoulder massage nodes to provide a thorough shoulder massage.
        • Innovative Custom Body Scan for a specifically designed massage tailored to your body's needs. 
        • SL Track, Calf Kneading, Specialized Foot Massagers and an automatic extendable footrest (up to 8 additional inches).


          • The X-Rest has a built-in enclosure for negative oxygen ion therapy, x2 Shoulder Airbags, and 9 inches (vs the Master at 8 inches) of extendable footrest.
          • Making our X-Rest a tall friendly massage chair to fit users up to 6'6".
        • SL Track, Dual Heating, and Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers makes this chair our most technically advanced chair to date.


    From options as low as 1999 to state-of-the-art massage chairs with patented advanced shoulder massage mechanism, you can find the one massage chair for you and your home.

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