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Titan Pro-Vigor 4D

by Titan

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jesse Vaughan
Not worth the price .. they intentionally feature limited it which is unacceptable for $5000.

So overall it's an ok chair .. but the UI is beyond horrible. And the fact they feature limited it for what they purport to be a $10,000 chair is beyond unacceptable.

Lets cover the UI first ... I don't know who does their QA but apparently the developers never used the chair they were programming... You can't set a manual mode and then decide you want to turn on heat .. if you do you have to go back to the main menu and then have to turn the manual massage off then on again to go back to the status screen... This is true if accidentally back out of the status window there's no way to go back to the massage screen after that ...want to add air massage?? Same thing ... It's really upsetting that that buttons are LITERALLY there for the other massage types which are so much better but they're disabled ...

It is this unnecessary hobbling of features which is my real beef... This chair is TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS supposedly... It CAN do tapping and all kinds of other massage motions .. see the symbols under the man in the photo?? the company has just decided you aren't allowed to use them for manual massages ...the button is there but they greyed it out .. for $5000+ go buy a chair that doesn't try to software limit you... That's a pretty bad thing for a company to do ... Until they offer a firmware upgrade that fixes this I can't give more than 1 or 2 stars... I would NOT buy this chair again if I had to do it over.

I am living in it

As a freelancer, I practically live in my Titan chair. It's become my office, gaming station, and nap spot. Versatile, comfy, and totally worth it!


This chair is surprisingly compact for such a powerful massage chair. Fits perfectly in my living room without dominating the space. It's become my favorite spot for unwinding and catching up on TV shows

Paul M.
Top Tier Massage Chair

Great massage chair, many features.


My muscles feel relaxed but it really works like its name. Vigorously.

Save $5,000.00 Save $5,000.00
Original price $9,999
Original price $9,999
Original price $9,999
Current price $4,999
Current price $4,999

  • 4D Massage Mechanism
  • Computerized Body Scanning
  • SL-Track
  • Heated Back Roller
  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity
  • Space Saving Technology
  • 24 Air Cell Full Body Compression
  • Deep Calf Kneading
  • Kneading Foot Massage
  • Automatic Extendable Footrest
  • Touchscreen Control
  • Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers
  • Wireless Phone Charger
  • Convenient Shortcut Panel
Color: Black
Delivery: Curbside Delivery - Free
Warranty: 5 Year (3 Years Full Service & Additional 2 Years Parts)