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  • 2023 Valentines Day Gift Guide - Titan Chair
    Tháng 1 26, 2023

    2023 Valentines Day Gift Guide

    Massage Chairs under $6000                            Massage Chairs under $5000 1. Vigor $5,999 ($9,999)                                ...

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  • Massage Chairs 101 - Titan Chair
    Tháng 11 10, 2022

    Massage Chairs 101

    From SL tracks to 4D Massage Mechanisms. Our Massage chairs offer variety of features including Heat Therapy, Automatic Footrests, and even Aroma Therapy. Figuring out your must-have features is the difficult part. Here at Osaki, we believe in a relaxed,...

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  • Holiday Gift Guide Blog Post - Titan Chair
    Tháng 10 31, 2022 Holiday Gift Guide Blog Post

    The Holiday season is approaching and finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be stressful especially with thousands of options to choose from. What’s better than an at home masseuse? With our range of massage chairs innovative technology...

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  • How Often Should You Use A Massage Chair? - Titan Chair
    Tháng 4 14, 2020

    How Often Should You Use A Massage Chair?

    Did you know that overusing your massage chair could be bad too? It turns out it is actually detrimental to your muscles to excessively use your massage chair. Like any other good things, a massage chair is only good and...

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  • Osaki OS-Pro Honor - Titan Chair
    Tháng 4 10, 2020

    Osaki OS-Pro Honor

        Osaki  released a new 3D massage chair for their OS-Pro product line, called the Osaki OS-Pro 3D Honor. ‘Honor’ is defined as, “with high respect or great esteem”, and it is a significant symbolism of righteousness and integrity....

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