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Titan Pro Ace II - Titan Chair

Titan Pro Ace II

Titan Pro Ace II

Titan Chair's one of the best selling massage chair, which is called Titan Pro Ace. The meaning of ‘Ace’ is something that is brilliant or excellent, and ‘Ace’ explains and expresses with confidence about how this massage chair is a brilliant product and how it is worth getting.  Briefly, the Titan Pro Ace II is a 3D massage chair which has diverse features at a reasonable price, including a L-Track system, six auto massage programs, simple and easy to remote, a unique remote pocket, Bluetooth speaks, 12 full body airbags, extendable footrest up to 7.1inches, multiple languages, heating lumbers, elbow and neck cushions and three steps of zero gravity. Most of the features are similar with other products, so now, why the Titan Pro Ace is different and why it is a reasonable price will be explained with some special points of the product. Our new arrival product, Titan Pro Ace has few unique features that aren’t shown on other massage chairs in the same product line. 

Three Steps of Zero Gravity Modes

Zero-gravity function is inspired by NASA technology, it is the perfect, relaxed position for you to rest on the massage chair. It allows to align your body relatively to the thigh at an optimal level of comfort. When the zero-gravity position reclines, the weight of your back is completely supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage. Commonly, some of massage chairs feature one button of zero gravity, and some of massage chairs are upgraded up to 2 steps of zero gravity. However, the Titan Pro Ace II features a 3 step zero-gravity system, which means that you can customize 3 different angles, whichever you want to settle, for the best position that you prefer. 


Multi Language Settings

Titan Pro Ace II has 4 multi language choices that you can set it in your own language. If you are an English speaker, you can set it on the English language, and if you are a different language user, you still can set it in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese or Korean. Compared to other massage chairs in Titan product line, only the Titan Pro Ace II provides 4 different language settings for diverse customer targets who have different nationalities. The language system is simple and easily accessible to set up your language on the remote control. 


Elbow and Neck cushions

Titan Pro Ace II features extra comforts and luxurious quality of cushions to cover your elbow and neck to protect you from extra pressure. Therefore, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable during the massage. Elbow and Neck should be relaxed at least during the massage because if you feel nervous or uncomfortable, your neck will be nervous about the massage program and you will gain muscle pain. Additionally, if you have sensitive or weak skin, your elbow may appear bruised by the pressure even at the low and smooth pressure settings. Therefore, our company added extra cushions on the Titan Pro Ace II, to protect your elbow and neck, which will help you stay more comfortable and safer on the massage chair. 


Chic Black or Elegance Brown?

Titan Pro Ace II 3D Massage Chair Black colorTitan Pro Ace II 3D Massage Chair Brown color

Following the meaning of the name, ‘ACE’, it has been divided into two different luxurious colors, black and brown. The colors show not only a simple black and brown color, but it offers a more luxurious and gorgeous black with a dark chocolate brown color in it, and the chocolate brown with an elegant light gold brown color in it.  While the black color of the Titan Pro Ace II looks calmly and chic in the modern house, the brown color of Titan Pro Ace II harmonizes in a classy house that may display elegance, warm, and wealth. You have two choices of color, chic black and elegance brown, whatever suits in your place. 

Our 2019 newly arrival product, Titan Pro Ace II is an upgraded 3D massage chair at reasonable price. It has similar features with other massage chairs in the Titan product line, but more options in 3 zero-gravity steps, multi-language settings, extra elbow and neck cushions, and 2 different colors are expressed in an chic and elegant mood. 

Visit our website for more details and features. 

Relax on Titan Chair!

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