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What types of auto massage programs do massage chairs have? (OS-Pro Line) - Titan Chair

What types of auto massage programs do massage chairs have? (OS-Pro Line)

Have you ever had an experience on receiving diverse massage programs from massage therapy? Or from a massage chair? Imagine that you are relaxing in a massage chair and you have diverse choices of auto massage programs, from smooth to strong. Diverse massage programs are included in different types of massage chairs. For example, some massage chairs have 4 to 8 types of massage programs and some of other massage chairs have divided them into categories that contain 23 types of massage programs.  Containing various programs in an electronic massage chair are one of the competitive aspects and attractive features for customer to extend their buying behavior.

Here are three types of massage chair products in the same Osaki Pro product line which contain different types of auto massage programs in it.



Osaki OS-Pro Alpina

The first product is called, Osaki OS-Pro Alpina which is a 2D massage chair with a SL Track roller design. The Alpina is one of the populous products and shows diverse features which couldn’t be found in previous 2D massage chairs. It contains 13 incredible massage programs which has 5 more programs than the Maestro:

  1. General combines all of the massage styles.
  2. Deep Tissue performs a deep kneading massage with some tapping techniques.
  • Recovery focuses on the waist and hip area applying kneading and tapping massage.
  1. Wake UP combines multiple tapping and knocking massages to stimulate the back.
  2. Sleeping performs gentle tapping and some kneading.
  3. Healthy Regimen combines of all massage styles and focuses primarily in the waist, hips and thigh area.
  • Stretching helps stretch the back, legs and arms by inflating the airbag, grabbing the ankles, and pulling.
  • Older Vitality performs back massage by using soft kneading and soft tapping for older users.
  1. Man Health gives lower back massage with a soft kneading and strong tapping.
  2. Woman Beauty gives lower back massage with kneading, rolling, and shiatsu massage.
  3. Kidney Vigor uses all massage techniques in the lower back region.
  • Spleen Digest gives a deep tissue massage to release the muscles that are associated with the stomach
  • Ache Sensor detects the ache points of the user’s body and focus on the point.



Osaki OS-Pro Maestro

The second product is Osaki OS-Pro Maestro which is a 4D massage with SL Track roller design. Maestro shows one of the most advanced technology and contains most of all features that other massage chairs have. There are 8 different types of automatic massage programs that users can choose from:

  1. Demo demonstrates the basic massage that the chair offers.
  2. Relax utilizes smooth and soft massage to help bring a person into more loosened and stress-free state.
  • Swing rocking in a back and forth movement to create a softer state throughout the massage.
  1. Stretch utilizes locking the legs, hips, arms and shoulders by using the airbags to stretch parts of the body. Also, it features different level of stretch intensity for the calves, hamstrings, shoulders and waist.
  2. Scraping moves from the inside of the body towards the outside which helps better blood flow performance for better massage.
  3. Shiatsu performs more pinpointed massage along the back of the body. It focuses on certain pressure points of the back for relieve stresses from the individual.
  • Lady is designed for the average female which helps to increase the blood flow and relaxation.
  • Gentleman is designed for the average male which helps to increase the blood flow and relaxation.


Osaki OS-Pro First Class

The third product is Osaki OS-Pro First Class, which is an advanced 3D technology and has 5 levels of 3D intensity control with L-track roller system. First Class has 23 different auto massage programs divided into 4 different categories, including VIP, Healthcare, Special and Relaxation categories, and each of them has five to six auto programs:

  1. VIP
  • Spine Massage gives an intensive backbone massage.
  • Chinese Massage gives traditional touch therapy with using soft tissue manipulation and acupunctural pressure.
  • Thai Massage is stronger than other massage programs. It progresses pulling, stretching and rocking of the body.
  • Stress Relieving utilizes vibrating the full body with deep tissue and tapping techniques, and two heating on lumber automatically on when doing deep tissue around the waist.
  • Full Body Stretch helps stretching the full body by inflating 24 airbags grabbing the body.
  • Keep Fit provides the full body vibration that helps to improve muscle strength and cut back on calories for body balancing.


  1. Healthcare
  • Sport recovery helps reduce muscle pains and recover muscle tightness.
  • Joint care helps reduce joint pain and recover arthritis.
  • Spine care reduces back pain by deep tissue and Swedish massage styles.
  • Frozen shoulder helps increase blood circulation to the pain part and reduce the muscle stiffness
  • Waist care relieves lower back pain with gentle forces and pressures.
  • Legs care smoothly works massage to boost blood circulation through congested areas by airbag pressures.


  • Special
  • Energy gives the healing massage to flow energy all through the body and helps the body to be balanced.
  • Office Regimen features relaxes and smooth pressures for a person who has a long busy day.
  • Brain Refresh stimulates deep tissue massage on the layers of muscle and soft tissue massage on where has the strong connections to the brain.
  • Health Recharge helps muscle relaxes and nerve compression by touching and giving pressures the body smoothly.
  • Bottom Toning helps to improve circulation to the area and reshape the bottom.
  • Restoration gives treatment for reducing stress, pain and other muscle tensions.


  1. Relaxation
  • Good-night sleep treats the user more relaxed and makes the body warm to be sleep well.
  • Health Recovery treats muscles recover and reduce pains especially for both athletes and the professionals.
  • Total Relax helps to release the day’s tiredness and stresses.
  • Tiredness Relief makes the body warm by heating lumber and smooth pressures helps the flow of circulation.
  • Airbag First-class has 24 full body massage airbags that offers customized pressures from the shoulders to the calf areas.


OS-Pro Alpina, OS-Pro Maestro, and OS-Pro First class, those 3 different massage chairs contain diverse massage programs for the users who will be satisfied with various customized choices of program. Additionally, more innovative and revolutionary features are included in our other massage chairs, and the portable massage products. Going to the massage therapy or spa is not necessary these days because better high-technological massage chairs are offered from Titan Chair. There’s nothing to be concerned about. Titan Chair can fill the full of satisfactions and your needs!

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